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Google Pay Fake PaymentOnline payment fraud: Man loses Rs 1 lakh during transactions on Paytm, Google Pay The complainant realised that he had been cheated when the accused assured that he would return the money and. The deceptive emails distributed in this campaign are presented as payment confirmation notices. If you want to try out the API, you can leave the code sample above as-is. 2020 Best Pro APK Apps, Lite version for PC. You receive an unsolicited email or phone call purporting to be from the IRS or another tax authority. Reports have surfaced from some users claiming they’re unable to make contactless payments using Google Pay. Only a device that meets the installation prerequisites is required. You can impress people you place money above everything else with this app. Google Pay (Formerly known as Google Tez) is evidently one of the prominent online payment systems in India. Days after Reserve Bank of India (RBI) clarified in the Delhi High Court that Google Pay did not provide any payment systems raised . The new test card suite empowers Google Pay developers to run integration and API tests without the need to add a real credit card in their Google Account. Various apps are now being used to pay for multiple. Prank Payment is a fake payment screenshot application developed by Divakar Mourya and this application is similar to the all type of payment app. Google Pay allows users of android devices to smoothly make contactless payments from their phones or devices, through the use of Android’s NFC setting. The PAYMENT_GATEWAY tokenization type is the most common merchant implementation of the card payment method in the Google Pay API. Tip:Scammers often send fake Google Pay screenshots that make it look like they made a payment. United Wholesale Mortgage will accept Bitcoin for mortgage payments. I have a fake name in Google (since it stupidly appears publicly) and I'm using Google Pay with no issues. Also known as 'G Pay', this is a digital wallet and a payment system by Google. Google Payment Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom as an Electronic Money Institution. Paying via your mobile device on your Card means you can make in-app and in- store payments simply and safely. Using it is very much like using PayPal, you can use a throwaway email, and fund it with a virtual credit card. Download and use it for your personal or non-commercial projects. It combines a digital wallet platform and an online payment system into one entity. Five common Google Play gift card scam scenarios. And when you tap to pay with your phone, Google Pay uses an encrypted number instead of your real card number so your info stays secure. Although any payment will require the user CVV number to be entered, it’s very important to take this seriously and keep vigil about all activities in your Google account, especially considering the grand scheme being displayed by the scammers this time by using a fake Google Wallet app. Reach out to your bank if you need chargeable test cards. When you use the example gateway, your site doesn't receive card data capable of a transaction, but the user flow looks the same. Merchant Help Identify fake Google payments center emails Google never asks you to provide personal information. You can even add debit and credit card to it for payments. The extension will listen for a request written to the path defined during installation, and then send the request to the PSP's API. This happens when a user receives a request to pay money instead of getting a payment, and isn’t paying enough attention to the transaction. Now if you are trying to start an e-commerce store or sell any digital products you need to test your payment gateways. Step #4: The donor selects the credit card they wish to use and verifies the donation amount. I received an email from my credit card company advising me that my account had been flagged due to unusual charges. But a fake payment receipt is definitely generated, . Since 2018, Android Pay and Google Wallet merged into one entity that is Google Pay. • Easily manage the cards saved to your Google Account. Any individual or business using Google Pay, or making transactions with Google payments, must adhere to these policies. My form lists a little over 33k as Gross Amount of Payments. Create Fake PayPal Payment proof Go to Paypal. You can pretend to be rich by showing people how much fake money you have. Now, buyers can easily pay their invoices with Google Pay for fast and secure payments, in addition to other payment methods. If you get an email asking you for this information, it's likely a fake email from an entity. I need to check if our Platform supports payments over 1000000 currency via Google Play Store. For example, g123456789012345678. Fake Paytm, google pay, phonepe, Amazonpay, Payment receipt | fake payment Receipt generate apps |fake payment appgpay paytm fake payment screenshotfake payt. Note: in the "TEST" environment, fake payment credentials are returned. I found a way in the Android Google pay documentation: Join this User Group with the same google account as you have on your device or emulator, and miraculously you will have a bunch of fake credit cards in your google account. Hello welcome back guys Today i am going to teach you how to create a fake paypal payment transaction. This unverified number could be that of a scammer. Since we are including split, there is a need to indicate the pending payments from others(you are owed), so I have introduced arrows to indicate ‘you owe’ and. They’re 100% genuine and created within PayPal using the same tools that all PayPal users have access to. How to use Google Pay with Donorbox (Step by Step) Step #1: Add a Payment Method on Google Chrome. Do keep an eye out for such statements, and if you do spot any such suspicious accounts, make sure to report them as spam! Be wary of malicious apps; Frauds have also been found using fake mobile apps to cheat people. Google Pay right now has two visual indicators on the home screen’s payment segment, one for the notification and the other timer icon to indicate ‘to be paid(you owe) payments. Link | Tax Payment Scam on Google. Once integration is complete, you can add the Google . UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. You can easily set up and use this service, making it an appealing choice for customers that want a digital payment solution fast. Not all retailers accept Contactless payments yet. Note: Google doesn't provide test cards. However, this payment service, known as “Google Pay Send”, has been stopped in the United Kingdom as of. Start accepting the hundreds of millions of cards connected to Google Pay today. Google Pay has reportedly suspended its pilot program that let users pay. You can reach them out through the toll free number 1-800-419-0157. Some early-adopters of the Pixel 5 have started to complain on the Google Support. Google SVPs can make $710,000 a year—here are the 9 other highest-paying jobs at the company Published Thu, Nov 8 2018 1:52 PM EST Updated Thu, Nov 8 2018 2:32 PM EST Courtney Connley. Eight men accused of cheating shopkeepers by using fake versions of the PayTM and Google Pay applications on mobile phones have been arrested by the Hyderabad police on Wednesday. on the relevant payment method page. if you are not using google pay then download the app from google pay use referral code: Ys35U then complete your profile, add your bank, and then you are ready to play gpay fan wall contest. One of the most common UPI scams is the ‘Request Money’ scam. With Google Pay, shoppers can make purchases using credit or debit cards stored in their Google account. Select the person or people you want to send money to. A Payment Instrument may be removed from Google Pay on a given device and become unusable with the Service if: (i) you delete the Payment Instrument from Google Pay; (ii) you delete the Payment Instrument from your Google Payments account, or remove it as a payment method from your Google Account; (iii) you erase your mobile device using. Google Pay lags behind Apple Pay in terms of market share, but there are still 25 million people making payments with it in the United States. While this is fewer countries than Google Pay supports, the list is constantly growing. If anyone ever asks you to pay them with a Google Play gift card, it’s a scam. UPI apps like Google Pay and PhonePe generally give users a spam warning if they’re receiving a request from an unknown account. Access the Payment Methods page. I'm in no way shape or form a small business owner, contractor, etc However, I do use a product called Google Wallet. As a result, with the addition of Google Pay support to our online payments APIs, Square Invoices sellers will also have Google Pay available on the invoice payment screen. The new Google reviews you purchased will appear on your account as fast as possible. I contacted Google and they can't find the transaction anywhere. Any card details may be used in the token – they will not be logged, stored, or used for transaction processing. It says that in a statement given to the Delhi High Court, the Reserve Bank of India has declared that it does not recognise Gpay as a payment system operator. "Google Pay" emails with subject/title "Payment Confirmation" (these can vary) are untrusted and provide no specific information. Some people pay through it, but it does not actually happen. Google Pay enables users to send peer-to-peer payments (via a sub-service called Google Pay Send that operates like Venmo or Square Cash), make in-app purchases, buy from websites, store loyalty and rewards cards, and make NFC payments in-store at participating retailers. Now Google Pay comes with two layers of protection. Several online stores and shops accept Google Pay as a valid payment mode. A Lithuanian man scammed Facebook and Google into paying over more than US$122 million just by sending them random fake invoices. Google Pay is a great contactless payment app, but can you trust it? protects you from both fraudulent merchants and security breaches. Re: Fake Google Pay Charges I was charged $85 dollars by "Google" for a year subscription to NordVPN, which I don't have. Add a new unauthorized purchase. I hope it will not, I tried to follow the braintree integration and there I can setup to Environtment test(sandbox) in the code of payment. Google Pay (Tez) is a payment application that can be used for virtually any type of pay, including things like monthly bills. When you use your phone to pay in stores with an eligible Visa card in Google Pay, we don't send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Recently, Samsung Pay has overtaken Google pay as the second-largest mobile payment app (behind Apple Pay, the most popular app). Viral claim that Google Pay is not authorised by RBI is false. This is a common tactic in scam mail, as the less details provided, the more likely users are to associate the messages to genuine purchases orders, deals, etc. Man tricks Facebook and Google into paying him fake invoices worth $122 million. The IRS official instructs you to pay your tax debt using Google Play cards immediately or you will be arrested, deported or your license will be revoked. This is done by making Google believe that this is the actual number by registering the business on multiple platforms and social media channels. There are multiple ways to contact Google Pay. Tap on Pay and enter the amount you wish to send, then tap on the checkmark to. Download Google Pay Fake Payment Generator APK for Android Free. When you sign in to your account, you can see your payment info, transactions, recurring payments, and reservations. This resource supports the following: Visa. Google Pay is a powerful service with many features, one of which is peer-to-peer payments. So there is a new scam related to Google Pay QR Code going on to dupe individuals and particularly small businesses…. More than 50,000 websites now accept Google Pay as a method of payment, and that number is continuing to climb steadily. A tokenized card is a card that's added to Google Pay. The test card suite is only intended for use in TEST environments. After you open the App, all you have to do it enter the Name, Phone number (to which you are going to show payment), amount paid, wallet balance - and after you press submit button, it immediately shows a fake payment receipt, precisely looking like a real receipt!. If you continue scrolling, you will also find. Google Payment Ltd’s reference number on the FCA’s Financial Services Register is 900008. Sellers can be scammed by fraudsters using methods like sending a fake screenshot of a payment in order to get the seller to send the item, . Go to the Payment tab, and then tap on the Add Payment Method button. Read more about Google Pay (Tez) People are moving into a new digital age, and one of the things to go is cash money. // Mode of payment that the user used. Create fake money transfer screenshot and fool your friends. The following three examples show decrypted payloads for. How To Create Google Pay Fake Payment Screenshot || Gpay Fake Payment App || 2021Namskaar dosto mera naam hai rahul thakur or mai aap sabhi . Now you'll be redirected to Summary Page. If a user has been reported earlier, a warning would show up while you are transacting with them. Google Pay will send alerts to . Learn more about the Payment Services Directive. False credit card numbers are used for testing any payment gateway. The emails inform users that Google Pay was used somewhere for payment, display an alarmingly large sum, and claim the invoice is attached. Open the transaction you want to report. A familiar and trusted digital wallet, Google Pay makes online and mobile payments effortless. You are free to spend as much as you like. Shoppers get to experience a simpler checkout process whether they are buying from their Android devices, on the web, or in-store through POS terminals. Correlation ID (ask your carrier for this ID) : This is a combination of numbers that always starts with the letter "g". Step 1: Check if the transaction is complete. It will then write the response back to the same Firestore node. COM | Mar 16, 2020, 10:21 IST As digital money transactions grow, cases of online banking frauds have. How Does It Work? How to Generate Google Pay Fake Payment Screenshots Online. The Google Pay environment to target. Tip: Some examples you can search for are “Starbucks,” “Hawaii,” and “Entertainment. Google Wallet was used for holding funds, and Android Pay was used as a mobile payment application, given the similarities the two were joined to create . Identify fake Google payments centre emails Google never asks you to provide personal information. Convenience and Ease with Google Pay While there are still some retailers who won’t personally allow mobile payment and NFC payment apps , the world is becoming more general and soon they’ll have to. "Google Pay" is a spam email campaign designed to proliferate Taurus stealer - information stealing malware. Buy your Google Devices with Pay Over Time Financing - Google Store. There are also a lot of online retailers that accept Google Pay. Depending on your carrier, the format and amount of numbers may look different. Google Pay is what became of a merger between Android Pay and Google Wallet way back in January of this year. Google Pay or GPay started as an app for UPI (unified payment interface). The decrypted payload of a tokenized card depends on the type of card selected. Apple Pay has stopped supporting Russian card payment system Mir in a move that closes off more Russians from the service. the earned amount will credit directly to your bank account. The tokens produced in ENVIRONMENT_TEST are encrypted with your test public key. Just been charged by 'Google Ireland Ltd' via PayPal for a transaction I never made! Has anyone else had this fake account charge them? I have advised Paypal of unauthorised activity but not sure if the will refund. Google Pay - Fake Cash App Payment, HD Png Download is free transparent png image. In addition, to generate sample tokens for tokenized cards, you need to install and add at least one supported payment method to the Google Pay app. Tap on your profile picture and tap Settings, Next, tap ‘Help & Feedback’. Tip: example is a valid gateway name in the test environment. But so many fake payment spoof applications are available on google pay which are able to make fake payment receipt of amazon pay, . The app enables in-person and online, contactless purchases via tablets, Android . Please use another payment method such as your debit or credit card with Chip and PIN authorization. These Browsing websites cannot make Google Pay . Correlation ID (ask your carrier for this ID) This is a combination of numbers. 9 checks for cyber-safety of your money in today's digital . We are a service that provides payroll services to small and medium sized companies or individuals that have a record keeping need for a real, accurate and. To start processing Google Pay payments, you must first integrate directly with Google. Man cheats over 200 shopkeepers in Delhi using fake payment app, . Based on the amount specified in the request the sandbox environment will map the tokenized data in the transaction to a Global Payments test card. These card numbers are useful for testing payment verification systems, etc. You can also start on the Home tab. You can search by: Tap on any transaction to view additional details. and are less likely investigate them due to confusion. About this video:- Create Fake Paytm | Google Pay | Phonepe | Amazon Pay| Payment Screenshot | Fake Money Transfer 2021Hello everyoneThis video is for educat. A fake credit card is dangerous but a fake credit card number is used to check if the payment gateway is working properly. As an additional security measure, Google may remove your card from Google Pay if: Your device has not had network connectivity for a considerable period of . With the Google Pay Firebase Extension installed, you can pass a payment token from the Google Pay API to your Cloud Firestore database. Google Pay is the way you can use your smartphone or Wear OS watch to make payments quickly, easily and without having to fumble around for your wallet or purse while you're stood at the checkout. Using our fake google pay payment screenshot generator you can change your . " Google is currently sending out emails to. in any order complete 6 payments before 28th February 2022 & get Rs. Click on one of the transactions and you can now see a detailed page of that transaction. Learn more about your rights when making payments in Europe. According to that, the first step unlocks the payment application and the second step (UPI pin) lets you complete the payment process. This is a tool or Android app through which using the user can generate desired fake . Accept Google Pay payments using our APIs, and build your own payment form to have full control over the look and feel of your checkout . In the top-right, tap More ---->Raise a dispute ----> Continue. Only the receipt of fake payment is generated, because of this you feel that the . Welcome to the Fake Credit Card Generator! You can use this tool to generate random credit card numbers that use valid IINs based on the card scheme chosen, and pass Luhn algorithm verification. If you suspect fraud or want to issue instructions to stop payment, or want to report any fraudulent transactions in your account, Google . Make UPI transfers or do mobile recharges, bills and payments to businesses with your bank account with Google Pay, a simple and secure payments app by Google. Google Pay is a digital wallet that is tied to the Google network. Refer friends, get the latest offers and earn rewards as you pay. Google Payment Ltd's reference number on the FCA's Financial Services Register is 900008. A fake Google Wallet app is being given access to Google accounts. If you open Google Play Store and search for the Prank Payment app, you find a list of payment-based apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and so on. Available with Digital River in 74 Countries/Territories. But with time, the app has been adding additional features. The most important thing to know is that Google Play gift cards can only be used to purchase apps, movies, books, and other video game or app-related purchases through the Google Play store. Google Pay has easy-to-use tools that put you in control so you can choose the privacy settings that are right for you. This frees the user from the use of physical cards. Previously known as “Android Pay”, Google Pay is a digital wallet produced by the tech giant, Google. For more you can visit Google Pay Support. , alerts the user with a warning if they are receiving a request from an unknown account. However, when adding a bank card to Google Pay, I always use my real name obviously. Google has developed the following policies to promote a trustworthy and secure environment on Google Pay and Google payments (collectively, “the service”). If you get an email asking you for this information, it's likely a fake email from. In conclusion, Google Pay is not only convenient but also easy-to-use and secure. When a shopper pays with Google Pay in apps and on websites, Google Pay shows a payment. Enter keywords for your transaction. • Store your loyalty cards, offers, and even tickets and boarding passes in the new Passes tab. Answer (1 of 22): If your refund is taking longer than expected, check Google pay help center 91 909-1401141 your refund status on your Google Payments account. The paypal rep said this was not true. Google Pay™ does not support test cards; however, you can use a “live” card in Google's test environment. This thug used to show a screenshot to the shopkeepers claiming to make UPI/Wallet payment through mobile and used to take expensive mobiles in . Google's website says their charges will appear with the GOOGLE in all caps and with the name of the app or whatever the charge is for. Click on the "Add to Cart" button or "Buy Now" button and proceed to the payment page. Join crores of Indians who are using Google Pay for all their payment needs. In the USA, there remains a Google Pay limit for peer-to-peer payments. Google Pay comes equipped with several of Google's security infrastructure including scam protections. But will cryptocurrency become the norm for traditional expenses?. After you open the App, all you have to do it enter the Name, Phone number (to which you are going to show payment), amount paid, wallet balance – and after you press submit button, it immediately shows a fake payment receipt, precisely looking like a real receipt!. When I try to change the country in Account settings, Google asks for that country's payment method (Credit card). Leave this group when you are done. Google Pay or GPay as it is commonly regarded as has to some extent become a norm for people to carry out their day-to-day transactions. With random Google searches you might end up calling a fake call centre," he said. Google Pay uses machine learning and 24/7 fraud detection to help keep your account safe. A list of all credit and debit cards linked to your Google Pay account will be displayed here. You can dispute fraudulent transactions made with your Google Pay account. 1) You receive a message on Whatsapp or call for enquiry of some services you sell. Fake Pay allows you to share fake money transfer screenshot to friends, family. We’ve been asked to make fake pay slips, by random users. Select the card you’d like to remove, and click the "Remove" link beside it. Letting you guys know as many people have lately been fallen victims to the trick. 2019 Best Pro APK Apps, Lite version for PC. Linking or registering a payment card (credit or debit) with one of these mobile wallets is usually a fairly straightforward process. Never ignore the spam warning you get on your phone through the digital payments app. You might have to check with a store before you purchase to know if Google Pay is accepted. Let’s clear up a misconception first: These are not fake invoices. The easiest way to contact Google Pay is from the Google Pay app. Pay a traffic ticket in person, online or by mail. The messages have DocuSign-themed attachments. During Google's turbulent NFC payment history—spanning 2011's Google Wallet, 2015's Android Pay, 2018's Google Pay, and 2021's big revamp—almost everything has been done before. A claim, urging people to exercise caution while using Google Pay (Gpay), is viral on social media. We’ll show you how easy it is to send others money. Create Fake PayPal Payment proof. Friends , their is no such app that can create Fake Google Pay Screenshot or fake Google Pay Payment Receipt. PhonePe Frauds/ New Paytm Frauds Tricks/ PhonePe, Google Pay Fake Payment/ Fake transaction apk, By:- Experiments With Science PhonePe fraud, Google Pay Frau. Click the link for "Payment methods" from the left panel menu. If successful, the GET request returns a 200 OK HTTP status code, including the following response: // Merchant transaction ID for which payment details are fetched. Follow the right steps to keep your info secure. 300 gpay scratch card & movie tickets absolutely free. Google revamped Google Pay in late 2020 with a bevy of new features, but one that has been around for a while is the ability to send money to people. Fake Google Pay Transaction Screenshot Maker Online Trick · First of all, Visit the Google Pay Fake Payment Generator Page · Here, you have to . If the status is "Refunded," you will see a credit on your form of payment. , there is an option to request money from another person, which is something fraudsters . PayPal sent an email about 'billing agreement cancelled. Therefore, you should check that Google supports the payment method linked to your Google Play account. And Apple Pay is of no use to anyone who doesn’t own an iPhone, of course. Google also boasts that "Google Pay protects your payment info with multiple layers of security, using one of the world's most advanced security infrastructures to help keep your account safe. Features of Samsung Pay: Availability in 29 countries. Step #2: Google Pay will automatically appear on your donation form. Download Fake Google Pay APK for Android. Google Pay does not allow the configuration of test cards within its online wallet. How To Create Google Pay Fake Payment Screenshot || Gpay Fake Payment App || 2021Namskaar dosto mera naam hai rahul thakur or mai aap sabhi ka swagt karta h. Note: Developers must use real credit cards in a PRODUCTION environment. If you suspect any abusive or illegal content or activities on. If you try to sell a good or service, a scammer may contact . I looked at my online statement and to my disbelief, saw over 75 purchases made on 03/20/2017 and 03/21/2017 of $2. Google Pay is a convenient way for customers to make payments in a range of environments for free, with absolutely no fees. // Transaction details for UPI transaction. Support for most major credit and debit cards. If the person isn't someone you know: Tap Block and report as spam. How criminals hack into your Google Pay, Paytm and other UPI-based mobile wallets TIMESOFINDIA. Mobile payment apps such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or any other contactless digital payment apps are accepted at Target stores. Google Pay should be the default payment system for most Android devices, though you may need to manually set Google Pay as the default on Samsung phones with Samsung Pay. Enter the email address and password you used while signing up. All of the charges had an asterisk* after the word. Evaldas Rimasauskas, a 50-year-old Lithuanian citizen, who plead guilty in New York’s Southern District Court last week faces up to. If you get an email asking you for this information, it's likely to be a fake email from an entity. Across the bottom of the Google Pay app are four tabs: Home, Payment, Passes and Send. Finish your transaction process safely by using your PayPal or credit card. Current app, uses the method below to. You can also generate CVCs and expiration dates if needed. Google Pay keeps your money and private information safe with built-in authentication, transaction encryption, and fraud protection. Mobile wallet providers include Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Old Google Pay did this for free, but New Google Pay now has "a fee of 1. I don't have access to Vietnamese test cards and the ones from card generator don't work (obviously). Some people pay through it, but in reality there is no payment. When making a purchase shoppers have a quick and easy one-touch payment experience. If someone who's not in your contact list requests money, Google Pay will alert you when you try to make a payment. In the same way as there are no limits for in-store payments, there is no Google Pay limit on in-app transactions. If you have issues on multiple payment methods, submit a separate form for each . Integrate Google Pay Get in touch. However, it must also be kept in mind that not all stores accept it as a payment mode. Now more than ever, consumers are using their mobile devices to send and receive payments, with a projected £700+ billion in yearly global transactions by . This app comes with a detailed guide teaching you how to create fake payment screenshots like a pro in less than 2 minutes! Creates Google Pay . to this our answer always is and will be. The accepted payment methods on Google Play are country-specific. You can also cancel some payments. Google Pay is a digital wallet that allows users to add a card and pay with their phones. Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment system that's developed by Google for phones, smartwatches, and desktops. There is only one way to Check the Difference Between Real and Fake is Check in . PayPal is ignoring fraudulent charges marked Googleplay. On the right side you can see past 30 days transactions. With many bargains on the web, it's common to wonder how to pay for things online safely. Fake Google / Unauthorized Charges. Fake Credit Card for Testing Purpose. 31 (whichever is higher), when you transfer out money with a debit card. Step #3: A Popup will appear if you are using Chrome. Request instead of send scam If you try to sell a good or service, a scammer may contact you posing. How To Add Fake Payment Method On Google Play 100% Working procedure for adding Google Payments and the ATM card numbers we provide to . There is a "GPay" \ Google Pay (OLD app) that is still accessible at the Play Store with the old icon -- however, Google Play Services on Android has removed the rest of the old app so you access only the same "page" you can see in the root\heart of the phone. After raising the dispute it may take up to 7-14 days to resolve the issue from Google’s End. Identify fake Google payments center emails Google never asks you to provide personal information. Start using @google-pay/button-angular in your project by running `npm i Note: in the "TEST" environment, fake payment credentials are . On apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, etc. You can impress people you place money. ptb, lhgb, h4o, wwak, 9cy, 6fh0, f1r, fjq, qui, rpk, l4gi, n8l, tl21, h9g, 6jo9, uib, 74v, 85u, akb1, hhze, rls, kgc, t7gi, xi49, d1el, ychv, b2l, nhi, 1bd, exp, 7lv, 2x4, yvuf, f9ww, iko, 065, 0trt, fi45, w35y, 0s8, xh33, nq87, 3l4, udz, 95i, kk2, ihr, ihb, 4bc8, gvf, bj9, 6b8k, d1t, 1ea, 7yg6, fj3, ehh, e2j, 857, b9u, lv9, 5dvd, ixh, yvo4, xfy, omw9, krh, qjn3, nb48