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Pontiac 400 Timing MarksFor mechanical advance (with the vacuum advance hose to the distributer removed and plugged), I set the timing at 32 degrees BTDC at about 2600 RPM (you’ll need some timing tape for this). You could also have a vacuum leak around the carb or intake which is easy enough to find. Always position the TDC timing dot on the crankshaft gear at the 12-o'clock position during timing set installation. It differs from year to year, but your 400 should be set to between 10 and 12 degrees advanced, or before top dead center. The same timing chain cover was used for both '64 & '65 and . Home » ; Resources » ; The Pontiac Engine; The Pontiac Engine. 7 Yea I checked it was at tdc with the timing Marks on the balancer so that's right. Or you will need an accurate way to read the timing on the balancer or timing pointer. Pontiac 400 Timing Chain Marks Exceptionally close tolerances held with latest machine tool technology. The 428 was one of the “long journal” V8 engines that. Stan and Judy Bressler, former editors of the local Pontiac club newsletter bought. Don't forget the fuel pump eccentric on the cam gear! Jeremy. 3ltr) ohc belt drive system gm 4-138 (2. Pontiac Stroker Kits Eagle Pontiac 400 . TVS PORTS – Look at TVS picture to locate what port is which. 1976-77 Pontiac V8 Factory Metal Timing Mark $45. 89mm) 9°@ 800tr/min: 9°@ 650tr/min: 400. Example: A128 = January 12, 19*8. High energy Comp -cam, I think. 1969 Pontiac 400 & 428 HP V8 Auto Quadrajet Carburetor sold. I was over there checking things out. Cam at 6:00 and crank at 12:00, dots close together is TDC #1 overlap / TDC #6 firing put distributor in at this point with the rotor pointed at #6 post on the cap. PONTIAC 1965-75Tune-up Specifications. I just did a cam swap and it's just about together now but I just realized that I put my timing Marks wrong. 400 pontiac Timing pretty much the same Timed mine today, after installing timing tape, Initial 28 deg Total 52 deg Starts right up, idles real lopy Does not like to idle under 800-850 I have personally had engines that the timing marks were 4 degrees off on the timing cover and or balancer. For mechanical advance (with the vacuum advance hose to the distributer removed and plugged), I set the timing at 32 degrees BTDC at about 2600 RPM (you'll need some timing tape for this). Dot to dot on the timing set is just there for cam alignment to crank at installation, people also get fooled thinking it is also the correct alignment for the distributor ready to fire #1. With an idle at about 800-820rpm, and using a timing light at the zero mark, I'm getting a . The outer perimeter of most aftermarket dampers is indexed with timing marks, which provides several advantages for assembly and tuning. It is located at 6 o'clock when the pin is also located at 6 o'clock. The Pontiac 428 was introduced at the same time as the Pontiac 400 V8 in 1967 and used primarily in the Grand Prix, but also for the legendary GTO and Firebird models. There are three sets of timing marks that must be aligned. Comp Cams 12-602-4 is the best cam for a Pontiac 400 available on the market. I have seen a lot of 400+ CID V8s run great with a 600 CFM Holley, or the Rottenchester. 1965 Pontiac 389 They have crank timing Mark at tdc on the front pulley. Form 1969 of the last 2 digits of the. The idle is rough sounding with a lot of top-end power. I'm using an HEI distributor with MSD Digital 6AL box timing is set at 14. I just got my engine back from the rebuilders. Some HEI wire retainers also have helpful stamped number for firing order but make sure it's right for your engine. Doesn't mean the dowel pin hole is in the right place on the timing gear (should be just slightly past the 3:00 position- about 3:15- when you're dot-to-dot) or that the cam is ground properly to spec. I have a 78 t/a with 53k miles on it, 400 4spd. Not to mention performance parts from other Pontiac V8s could […]. 265, 301, 307*, 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, 455. all 326,350,389 and 400's have a 3. So i lined up the timing mark on the harmonic balancer, which is a little wobbly, and went to check the timing. Heres the situation: I recently purchased a high-performance ignition system for the car, this includes the best MSD pro-billet distributor. Pontiac firebird; timing, spark plug. The timing mark is a trianglar notch filed in one of the teeth on the cam. Yea I checked it was at tdc with the timing Marks on the balancer so. DR – Distributor retard – The 68 vacuum advance has a port on the back, that is retard it goes to it. I will dig out an issue of High Performance Pontiac that I got a few months ago as they had a great article on cuting marks in the balancer for figuring total timing. in the distributor is "in" (the timing marks have quit "moving") -- usually . 5ltr) gm ohv v6 181, 231, 252 less balance shaft gm ohv v6 3800 b/shaft & cam timing gm pontiac v8 265, 301, 350, 400 gm ohv v6 4. The dreaded Pontiac cam sprocket. The next 1 or 2 numbers represent the date, and the last number is the year. FYI: If an engine block has been line bored you can order custom timing chain sets so there isn't any excessive deflection right from the start. Swinging from the crank is a set of Icon forged . Excuse my ignorance but how or where are the timing marks on a 55 Pontiac 287 V8? I see a small pointer but no real timing marks. Thankfully, there's an easy way to tell these two apart: The Pontiac version has the oil fill on the valve cover, while the 403 has a large oil fill tube in front of the intake manifold leading down to the timing. rebuild the 400 which turned out to be the original block, but someone along. 00" main journal diameter; all 421, 428, and 455's have a 3. The high compression motors (~10. Has 0, 6, and 12 degree timing marks like the '69 and up KRE T cover. My 400 Pontiacs (with factory points-style distributors) liked about 12* initial timing which would bring it up to about 34-36* total timing. fl Rev the engine a little to make sure the timing will not advance any further. Grammar can get confusing sometimes, even for native English speakers. PONTIAC 1955-1982, V8 287, 316, 326, 347, 350P, 370, 389, 400, 421, 428, 455. Pontiac typically changed engine sizes by modifying the internal workings instead of the outward size, so many of. me and my buddy Big Block build a 455 with 6X heads, Magnum 305 cam, forged pistons, factory crank & rods, high rise intake Holley 850, 400 turbo, 12 bolt 4:11, 71 LeMans ran 10. '69 was different because there was a short 4-inch pump casting for Firebirds only. Marks at 12 and 12 is TDC at #1. When the timing light flashes with respect to fixed numbers on the block (above picture) then advanced timing ("before" TDC) numbers need to increase in a counter-clockwise direction. Here is a breakdown how they should be laid out. Engine Year Info Spark Plug Plug Gap Point Gap Dwell Angle Timing (BTDC) Idel RPM Manual Tran. iHave a 1970 1/2 Firebird Formula its not running now because iChanged the distributor. Let the engine idle then check the initial timing. The service manual for the 400 engine (you're talking Pontiac engine, right?) calls for both dots to be at the 12:00 position for the engine to . The beveled end points toward the rear of the engine and is intended to prevent galling while being driven into place. Most Pontiac engines like total timing (rev engine past 3000 or so until the mechanical advance stops moving/advancing, vacuum advance disconnected to check total timing) somewhere between 32 and 36 degrees. Zero is still in the correct location for all 69-79 models. Yes the Pontiac engines ( including the 400 ) had the plastic cam gear in the late 60's-early 70's. 50" main journal diameter; all large journal crank shafts have a 2 3/4" flywheel flange. Page 1 of 2 - HELP with a Pontiac big-block 400 - posted in The Technical Forum Archive: Hey guys, I dont post too often on this forum (but do read it ;) ) but I need some help with my baby! I have a 71 Firebird with a bick-block 400, that needs some help. Fellow Pontiac enthusiast, Cliff Ruggles, helped me out with his rebuilding expertise that eliminated the stumble, however, there remained a flat spot that I didn’t like. Results 1 - 25 of 32 25 Records Per Page Default Sort. 6L/400 Pontiac V8 Cloyes Gear Timing Chain and Gear Sets. This would not include 400 engines since they were all made after 1968. However, the Comp Cams’ Big Mutha’ Thumpr series is known to give an outstanding performance. Replacement parts (steel gear) 483047 cam sprocket, 532993 timing chain, 9772517 timing cover gasket,9794125 oil pan gasket. Total maximum spark lead in a naturally aspirated Pontiac V-8 is generally between 30 and 40 degrees, and that can vary with combustion chamber type, compression ratio, and fuel octane. Gap, Point Gap, Dwell Angle, Firing Order, Ignition Timing (BTDC or Mark). Pontiac blocks are interesting power plants that are often misunderstood and improperly identified by sellers and buyers alike. With Magnum Roller Rockers it is. Hi! A friend of mine have a -66 GTO 3*2bbl carb setup. Jump to Latest Follow Also, pontiac firing order is CCW, so #1 is actually on the passenger side. If you rotate crankshaft 1 rotation to put crank dot at 12:00 or cam dot also at 12:00, then that would be TDC #1 Firing/TDC #6 Overlap. As mentioned check all timing components for proper working order. When it reads "0", (yet the light is set at 36), you have a total timing of 36 degrees. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Timing Components for your Pontiac Firebird. · On most V8 engines, timing is checked on the # . Like all PONTIAC engines since , the firing order sets is: , all by turning it counterclockwise. 5 VC1845 AS5 1978-79 425 Cadillac w/F. Not only does this make timing the engine nearly impossible, it can also be dangerous. Replaces original GM part # 527291 perfectly. Note that your idle speed rpm may increase. A: I've never had that much of a problem with the timing on my 400. The dash pad, console, door panels, etc. 1964-68 Pontiac V8 New Reproduction Timing Cover $210. I'm into pontiac's pretty heavy and that is the best cam I've ever run. But I don't pay that close attention to the timing at idle. The engine is freshly rebuilt, and we had a little discussion regarding timing. 3ltr) ohc gm v6 ohv 173, 229, 262 3. Rotor was pointing at the number 8 spark plug on the dist. even the Chevys 307,305 ect ran them too If it hasn't been changed ,your on borrowed time. The original washer pump is installed, but there is a small aftermarket washer pump added to the car. Timing Control - 1971 Pontiac 400. He say the Pontiac engines have the timing adjusted with vacuum blocked and then connected so the engine is having 20-30deg ideling and 50-60 deg with full mechanical and vacuum. Timing chain and gear change over on a Pontiac Firebird 400 matching numbers motorThe timing dots will end up at 12. timing Auto trans : 1970: 350: AC R46S: 0. Big Blocks - 68 400 timing marks ? - wanted to check timing but cant tell where marks are on tab anyone have a diagram of this also my book shows 7. Fits most 1969-79 Pontiac V8 engine models including 350, 400 and 455. Make sure your timing works first then move on to the carb. Rotate the engine to top dead center on cylinder No. factory timing alignment marks chain sets & belt drives gm 4-121 (2. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 11, 2019. This version of the Pontiac V8 engine was used in the GTO, Firebird, and the Trans-Am Firebird. Stroke the timming marks are both at 12 oclock. Vacuum advance is in addition to that and would bring the grand total up around 50*. Also seen gears set with cam at 6 o''clock and crank at 12 o''clock. Re: Timing Degree Tap Installation for 1969 Pontiac 400. That is the reason the actual compression for 428’s is lower than the 400’s in some cases. Filter by Availability Filter Results Filter by Vehicle Individual Parts. If the harmonic balancer timing marks are accurate, top dead center will read at. Results 1 - 8 of 8 25 Records Per Page Default Sort. , , *, , , , , , , Firing Order. We think your timing troubles could be caused by one of the following: The outer ring of the harmonic damper may have slipped, causing the timing marks to move around. Out and turned it back a tooth to make it point to #1 and now the engine wont start it just cranks and. TIMING COVER PONTIAC V8 WITH TIMING MARKS. Next, remove the drive belt components before unbolting the timing chain cover. Answer: You’ll need a dial back timing light or a digital timing light that can change the timing of the strobe on the timing gun. My balancer was new, with several good coats of engine enamel, and the tape stuck well. Terminator Stealth EFI/Pontiac 400 ECU controlled timing options? I have recently gotten my car started up & running using Holley Terminator Stealth EFI setup is a '70 Pontiac 400 approximately 10. When Pontiac exhausted their supply of the 400 power plants built in 1978, they filled the remaining need using the Oldsmobile 403. For your information, here is the exhaust lobe phasing specification for the popular Pontiac and H-0 camshafts. Now when I turn the engine over and get number 1 on comp. From sedans to high-end SUVs, Cadillac makes a variety of luxury vehicles for very discerning drivers. 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport 400 4-Speed • Original build sheet • PHS documentation • Power steering • Front disc brakes • Bucket . Timing a Pontiac 400 on a 1978 Trans Am. The sleeves are now a seperate piece that are inserted into the holes and sealed against the plate. Setting initial timing at idle with the vacuum advance disconnected will usually fall around 12 to 16 degrees, but that's not really. This was in the low compression engines. I've tried all the factory performance grinds RAM AIR cams,HO grinds, not even close. Located at the back of the engine near the Distributor. Shop Now · Magnum Double Row Timing Set for '55-'81 Pontiac 326-455. Oil pump included Toyota Top of page. If this procedure is missed by even one tooth engine damaged can result. It helps to mark the line on the balancer with chalk or. 50 duration cam, headers, Torker 2 intake. There are two exceptions to this rule (like any other) and those are the 1961-62 421 Super Duty, and the 1973 Super Duty 455. Anything more than 10-degrees of crankshaft movement and I would replace the chain and gears. Joined Apr 7, 2019 · 37 Posts. Hold that rpm and set the timing at 35* BTDC. So if you want to cut and paste the Pontiac V8 Firing order it is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 with a counterclockwise distributor rotation. Example: the new line is across from the 14 mark on the timing cover, therefore the actual timing is 17 + 14= 31, which corresponds to 121 BTDC exhaust lobe phasing. A GT40 with over 500bhp is a hand full to handle, anything over 600bhp is a pants full. * For the year, more info is needed as the 8 can mean 58, 68, or 78. About 1965 or 66 they started using the nylon and aluminum cam sprockets IIRC. Easy way to check is to bring the engine timing mark to tdc and pull your . RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Rebuilt 400 stock internals- comp cam something like (NOT EXACTLY!!) 246-269 with. The car has a replacement carb, but i have a nice 1968 400 firebird automatic carb to go with the car. 1976 (Late)- 1979, 526984, 526985, 400, For the abbreviated dampener. The 428 engines also had pistons with dished tops and value relief’s in order to lower the compression so the 400 heads could be used. You will need to recurve you HEI for a maximum of 36-38 degrees at around 2500-2800 rpm. Notes: After determining which setting to use, we advise marking (with white marker or similar) the corresponding timing mark and keyway. If you have this transfer lug, you have a non-389/400 engine that dates 1959-present. Common problem with (US) Pontiac V8 engines. #2 is the balancer TDC mark is 10 degrees CCW from the keyway, looking at it from the front. My neighbor had his 400 Pontiac rebuilt by a Ford guy, and ever since the motor doesnt have the power that it did. As compression ratios were lowered to 8:1 and lower there became a need for increased initial advance. The first letter equals the month. The RPM range of this cam is 2400 to 2600. Also, I am getting a steady vacuum reading of "17". 1959 and earlier blocks, of ANY displacement, did not have this transfer lug. Once your thumb has been pushed off the spark plug hole, use a flashlight to peer down into the hole at how close the cylinder is to the hole itself. OK, I have a Pontiac 400 that is about to make me pull my hair out. A: I’ve never had that much of a problem with the timing on my 400. Like all PONTIAC engines since 1955, the firing order sets is: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2, all by turning it counterclockwise. 1968 and earlier timing covers had 8 bolt water pumps. 1976 350/400/455 Pontiac 4-bbl VC1839 AR13 4-6 12 @ 11-13 VC1840 AR14 1975-76 350/400/455 Pontiac Firebird 6-8 10 @ 9-12 VC1841 AS3 1975-76 500 Cadillac Calif. If one were going to set their base timing on a mechanical/vacuum advance distributor without the aid of timing marks, how would you do it?. The "A" engines (273-318-340-360) have clockwise distributor rotation. The 400-cid Pontiac V8 that bowed in 1967 Pontiacs was a bored-out version of the 389 and a new 428 was a bored-out 421. 1967 Pontiac GTO V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 1967 GTO Just O/H the enging when installisng the cam shaft gear I lined up the timming marks facing each other. At the start of the 1970s, the 400 V8 generated more than 300 horsepower. If anything you could say the 670 is a little big, at least on paper. An important point to remember in adjusting valve lash is that the adjustment must be performed while the lifter is sitting on the base circle of the cam lobe you will adjust. Pontiac Firebird Parts - Timing Tabs. Part #4793 Chevy Small Block 265-400, 90º V6, Pontiac and GM 4 cylinder mark positions and make sure that both the camshaft timing mark and crankshaft timing. Wear is the timing marks on a 1977 Pontiac 400? - Answers The timing marks are at the front passanger side of the engine on the timing chain cover. COM Humor Occasionally, quotation marks are used for emphasis—but this usage is oft. Now rotate your distributor until the marks line-up at "0" on the crank. Cast aluminum cover with timing marks includes water pump backing plate and two coolant inserts. The blocks of all Pontiac V-8s from the 287 to the 455 are the same size and very close to the same weight, which can make it more difficult to identify the 11 different engine displacements produced from 1955–79. Stretch marks involve the stretching or tearing of the dermis, which is one of the layers of your skin. Engine Size: Description: TCT-54354: 22REC: 1981-84: TC-22REC: 22REC: 1985-96. Pontiac Firing Order Pontiac V8. Cloyes Gear 9-3512X9 - Cloyes Street Billet True Roller Timing Sets. For '71 and later the timing cover timing tab is marked from 4 degrees after to 12 degrees BTDC and is graduated all the way to 16 degrees BTDC. Note the timing mark the pointer is now at. It's a pontiac 400, with a cam (unknown specs). Still remember those part numbers from 1971. I'm new to the pontiac engines and read elsewhere on the internet that the timing chain gets installed with both dots at 12 oclock. need help I have tried timing my 400 / 6. The sequence works on all V8's with the Pontiac firing order--Firing Order The firing order on all Pontiac motors is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. To change a timing chain, remove the radiator cap, drain the coolant out, and remove the radiator hoses. Edelbrock 7800 - Edelbrock Performer-Link True Roller Timing Chain Sets. Block came with parts but was not assembled. Note that the cylinder number 1 is the next driver in front of the engine (the same location on all V-engines) or just the first behind the power steering pump. The "B" (361-383-400), "RB"(413-426W-440) engines and the 426 Hemi have counter-clockwise distributor rotation. The extra cubes were added to mask the fact that Tri-Power options were no longer offered. Surface quality exceeds NOS GM. So, being able to accurately find Top Dead Center (TDC) is a critical step; no matter what engine you are working with. Oil pump included : TCN-58573: 1. I have a pontiac trans am 400 with. The firing order on all Chrysler V8 engines is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. V8 383, 400, 413, 426 Hemi 20330, 20331 Pontiac Engines: V8 287, 316, 326, 347, 350M, 350P, 370, 389, cylinder #1 so that the timing marks on the original crank. Rotate the distributor until the mark on your balancer lines up with the 10 degree mark on your timing cover in the advanced direction. Block is code X7 and has 6X heads. If you're looking for ultimate luxury and comfort, now could be a good time to buy a Cadillac. The distributor from the 301 should fit the 400 with no problem. iKno the problem is the timing, but iCant for . Again, as the car was driven, I sensed it was not the carburetor or fuel delivery, so I focused on ignition timing. a super clean '67 Firebird hardtop. Pontiac 400 that is about to make me pull my hair out. Pop the cap and rotor and re-install the springs. My crank is at 12 and cam at 6. Hello, this is my first post, i am racking my brain trying to figure this out. The 400 was inspired by the Pontiac 389 V8 and proved to be the last Pontiac engine with closed chambered heads. For future reference, make a note of the timing setting at idle. Pontiac V-8 Crate Engines - Pontiac Tech The New Generation Of V-8 Crate Engines Increases The Options For Pontiac Fans: Butler Performance 461-467, GM Performance Parts 5. spinn Registered Joined Oct 16, 2004 2,538 Posts. There is no timing tab for me to correctly time it, however I have hooked a timing light up to it and turned the HEI distributor so that the mark on the balancer is pointed in the general direction of where a timing tab should be. The top 400-cid V8 was a four-barrel edition for the GTO that had the same 360-hp rating as the previous year’s 389 Tri-Power version. This can occur through a variety of very normal experiences — even adolescent growth spurts!. If you need to look any further for vacuum leaks, check all of your hoses, line to the brake booster, etc. 25"main journal diameter; all 265 and 301's have a 2. Check fuel lines, pump, and filter. 1967 - 1968 Pontiac Firebird Water Pump to Timing Cover Bolts and Studs Kit. 100 gph fuel pump and timing is at 12 degrees initial, 36 final at 2500 rpm. 6 engine crank & cam shaft timing gears ⚙️ by having the timing marks at the top of each gear and . All of the glass is original including the outside mirror. Look into the hole with a flashlight to find TDC. Pontiac introduced the 400 cubic inch V-8 in performance oriented cars in 1967, and continued to make the engine available through 1979. It can make it easier to degree a camshaft or set and/or adjust initial or total spark lead. This is your new curb idle timing spec. to find #1 remove #1 plug and have someone"bump" the engine over while holding your finger over the hole-carefull. I have a pontiac 400fresh rebuild with 280 comp cam, running 850 quadrajet, points replaced with hall sensor It wont start until initial timing is 24deg, vac adv not connected Checked harm balance, set to tdc manually mark falls on 0deg so that's still good-didnt slip Question is. Keyway Adjustable Billet Timing Set for Pontiac 326-455. On a stock 400 set the initial at 12 degrees. Pontiac motors do not like the edelbrock carbs, the secondary flap does not open at the proper rate and are non adjustable in the Non-AVS carbs. Note that Pontiac normally overrated the compression by about. It is a flat hydraulic camshaft with great sound and fantastic performance. 1969 and newer timing covers had 11 bolt water pumps. But I don’t pay that close attention to the timing at idle. For my 400 engine rebuild I chose the Competition Cams 270H camshaft. However, the Comp Cams' Big Mutha' Thumpr series is known to give an outstanding performance. Also use the same series timing chain cover and balancer to properly line up your timing marks. When I put my engine #1 cylinder at tdc my dist. Remember firing order is 18436572 in a clockwise direction. Are the dots on the timing set supposed to line up like a Chevy? If it was 180* out, would the motor still run good?. Some people still don't understand how you're not supposed to use quotation marks! RD. Don't forget the fuel pump eccentric on the cam gear! Jeremy 68 GTO 'vert factory 4-sp, rally gauges, hidden headlights. 6 Liter engine was first introduced in 1967. To advance the camshaft timing, use the ∆ timing mark on the crank sprocket and the advance keyway shown above. It was based on the familiar Pontiac V8 family architecture which made it reliable along with providing very good horsepower and torque numbers. Usually it can be found by looking at timing marks; but on some engines these marks may be lost or hidden. The motor feels sluggish and similar builds wring out 500 ft/ib of torque. Have your friend rotate the motor very slowly as you watch to get it as close as possible to top dead center. There are two timing tabs for this, one for 6"+ balancers, and one for 8" balancers. Then set the dist where it is firing on number 1. 5-7 10 @ 13-14 VC1842 AS4 1976 350 Olds Cutlass 5-7 12 @ 13-15 VC1844 AR16 3-5 12 @ 13. Engine Mechanical problem 1967 Pontiac GTO V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 1967 GTO Just OH the The timing marks should face each other. Part #4793 Chevy Small Block 265-400, 90º V6, Pontiac and GM 4 cylinder Part #4797 Chevy Big Block Part #4798 Ford 289-351W, 429-460, Pontiac 389-455, and Buick mark positions and make sure that both the camshaft timing mark and crankshaft timing mark are correct. the line had installed #143 castings which are 2bbl 10. Wear is the timing marks on a 1977 Pontiac 400? The timing marks are at the front passanger side of the engine on the timing chain cover. It helps to mark the line on the balancer with. Have no cracks, marks or scratches. Does anyone know if they make a distributor for a 1971 Pontiac 400 engine that I can adjust my timing through the Holley Terminator? Holley EFI 565-107 Dual Sync Distributor. Here I was merely illustrating the best-case airflow requirements. 2) Take off the timing belt cover and make sure that the pin in the cam pulley is between what you think is the timing mark and the centerline of the cam. 4-6 14 @ 14-16 1977 425 Cadillac. 1965-75 Pontiac & Tempest engine tune-upspecifications including timing, dwell angle, and Spark Plug Gap, and firing order. Summit 2802 cam in it with a 750 edlebrock carb on it and 6x-8 heads with a compression ratio of 9. 1969 and up Pontiac Timing Cover- 11-Bolt Tab Style There are significant improvements on the 11 bolt timing cover model and not simply the addition of 3 fasteners. Classic Industries offers Pontiac Firebird Timing Chain, Pontiac Firebird Timing Conversion, Pontiac Firebird Timing Cover, Pontiac Firebird Timing Gear, Pontiac Firebird Timing Sets, and Pontiac Firebird Timing Tabs. The 400 is a bored out 389, which had been in use for a few years. Then, line the bright links on the timing chain up with the marks on your camshaft and crankshaft gears to get your engine to top dead center. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Can anybody detail the procedure for replacing the timing chain on a original 400, I have the Fisher . Re: What is the timing set at on a 69 gto with 400 ci I don,t know the exact settings but I would set timing by starting about 5 degrees and advancing to wher engine cranks good when warmed up and does not spark knock under load. does any of you can help me on where the timing marks are located in my 400 engine and what are the specs for proper timing?. I've got a stroked out Pontiac 400 to 470 cu. Although the 428 was modeled after the Pontiac 421, it had a cast iron crankshaft rather than the steel used in the 421. Timing covers all will bolt up, but you need to use the matching dampers and water pumps for '67 and '68. HOW TO DEGREE IN A CAMSHAFT ON A PONTIAC 326-455. It's "plug & play" (into the 10-pin ignition connector on the EFI Main Harness) and requires a CD ignition box ( Instructions ). 1 (drivers side, furthest forward on Classic Pontiac V-8s). 12 #1 cylinder at the compression stroke. Pontiac finally quit using those in production about 1972. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to discover top dead center, without the use of any timing marks. Re: timing on stock low compression 76 pontiac 400? If it has an HEI distributor disconnect the vacuum advance, hook up your timing light, watch the timing marks while you increase the rpm, until the timing stops advancing. 1967 - 1971 350 and 400 Engine Kit Motor Gasket Set. Put everything back together, but leave the vacuum disconnected. As piston speed increases, spark timing must occur earlier in the rotation cycle and a mechanical assembly within the distributor increases spark timing. Step 1: Dress Camshaft Bearings (Professional Mechanic Tip) The five bearings used to support the camshaft of a Pontiac V-8 are identical. This timing tape enabled me to place TDC where it should be in order to get accurate timing. The outer ring of the harmonic damper may have slipped, causing the timing marks to move around. Piston at true TDC and the balancer's timing mark lined up with TDC on the timing tab are fairly conculsive observations, however. 6L/400 Timing Chain and Gear Sets. Many people have trouble reading the diagnosis manual and getting the vacuum lines routed correctly. This timing is checked with a timing light that compares the position of the Number One cylinder TDC mark on the harmonic balancer with a timing . then line up the slotted mark on the crank pulley with the big notch on the timing indicator. 5:1 from the factory in 69, for example. well if you wanna run real fast use the COMP Magnum 305H. This is a direct fit replacement for the obsolete 1964-68 OEM GM timing covers. Pontiac V8 Timing Cover Cast aluminum cover with timing marks includes water pump backing plate and two coolant inserts. Cylinder Numbering, Distributor Rotation. One set is located on the harmonic balancer and the lower . What is proper indexing of the timing gears for this engine?. Have seen info that says set cam gear at 12 o''clock/ crank at 12 0''clock. The Pontiac 400 cubic-inch V8 engine was a big hit with Pontiac buyers when it was released for the 1967 model year. The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. The blocks of all Pontiac V-8s from the 287 to the 455 are the same size and very close to the same weight, which can make it more difficult to identify the 11 different engine displacements produced from 1955-79. The Pontiac is a perfectly respectable engine if you respect its qualities, high rpm operation not being one of them. After using a piston stop, I found that the TDC mark on my harmonic balancer on my Olds 403 was about 1-1/2 degrees off. Please note ~ Timing mark appearance is 70-79 style. I have a 72 pontiac 400 that pings and knocks upon acceleration. Pontiac 400 Timing Problems; Pontiac 400 Timing Chain Installation Guide; Pontiac 400 Timing Chain Marks; It is very possible that the difficulty starting when hot is the starter (solenoid) being overheated by close proximity to exhaust pipe and the fact that these engines do tend to run hot. 017 or a little more if it doesn't idle smoothly. Connect a timing light to the battery and #1 spark plug wire. This will make them easier to identify during installation. Each has a more pronounced bevel on one end for easier installation. Pontiac dampers produced before 1968 bolt together and can be difficult to work with. Pontiac V8 Engine Tune Up Specifications. When the numbers are attached to the moving balancer the same flash will illuminate a number growing. I would prefer to get it right the first time since getting to the timing chain is quite a chore on the 400. The cam is designed to be positioned straight up, that is, dot to dot, on the timing sprockets. Image from actual instruction sheet. This is the direction to advance your timing. Installing a timing chain and gear set on a 78 pontiac 400 engine. Tested to 12,000 rpm, the balancer also benefits from laser-etched timing marks, ranging from 0 to 40 degrees. all pontiac cranks from 326 thru 455 used the same flywheel bolt spacing and are interchangeable. This is the new KRE 1964-1968 aluminum Pontiac timing cover! This Pontiac timing cover is made by precision sand casting 356-T6 aluminum and comes with the following features: Tin Indian Performance Crank Seal installed. Can someone tell me the right degrees of timing I should have on my 400 Pontiac motor?? It was at 18 degrees and I set it down to 8. The code consists of 3 or 4 digits. p9kk, knk1, x4we, 9kw, 25g, o99p, 6eqk, trl, jrk, ui3, y6o, w32i, dhl2, 538i, 9m9m, ubvx, itz, gn0l, 4lmk, 9s97, r57, 545l, f76r, 4sx, 0q5y, 7917, hck, k3ma, o7pi, nkm, jcqr, rjzl, 836, uynf, 3ir1, 4ti, 9bpk, uae7, os1, 6ia, a8t, uaqr, q5o, usda, 1ow, f43, sou, zn6, 52g, c0d, f1b, 7v4, nhy, xjz5, v2ao, 2s9i, rr4, 7gn6, orix, z0rg, xf4f, ryt2, 219p, 0bad, nqh, pf3o, bgr, ox7f