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Walmart Check Cashing AppFor preprinted checks up to and including $1,000, the fee is $4, and for preprinted checks that are more than $1,000, up to and including $5,000, the fee is $8. To use an app, you’ll have to sign up for an account. Lodefast check cashing app allows you to cash your personal check on mobile phones. Registry for Good Walmart ships items purchased through a nonprofit’s registry directly to the nonprofit – reducing friction caused from setting up collection sites and retrieving donations. Then you’ll endorse the back of the check and write “For Online Deposit Only” underneath your. Check Cashing is limited to preprinted and other checks authorized by Walmart policy. But many different businesses can also help you take care of this task. Take a photo of the front and back of the check. A participating Walmart will cash checks if you produce a valid form of government-issued photo ID with the check. The check cashing store app allows you to make check deposits directly to your bank account or to your reloadable prepaid card. We offer a secure online ordering process and EZShield Check Fraud Protection to protect your checks even after your purchase is complete. * Add your card to the Walmart Pay app and shop in-store wallet-free. We also have another goal: to bring you the best shopping experience on the Internet. Not available in all states or stores. Safeway charges a check-cashing fee of $2. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can make a deposit into your USAA bank accounts in a few simple steps. Aside from bank requirements, waiting in long lines seems to be a regular thing. Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 12 Mega Rolls = 48 Regular Rolls, 2-Ply Bath Tissue. Cashing a check isn't always easy. Walmart is teaming up with a payments platform and financial technology company to let customers make cash bill payments at select stores. Then, scroll down to view available gift card options. Effective August 2021, users of the PayNearMe mobile payments app will be able to complete bill payment transactions using cash at the participating Walmart locations. Walmart’s money services department opens early at 7 a. If you’ve been financially affected by COVID-19, you may be able to take a loan or hardship withdrawal from your 401(k) account. Deposit cash at the register of 90,000+ retail locations nationwide using your card or the Green Dot App 2. You'll then see an "Add New Gift Card" button that. If you made your purchase with either a debit card or a credit card, Walmart provides an Electronic Payment Hotline that will allow you to get a copy of your receipt. PayPal has teamed up with Walmart to let its account holders withdraw and deposit cash at the store. Payouts are funded by participating businesses who want to engage with customers. Walmart first offered common stock to the public in 1970 and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: WMT) on August 25, 1972. The Walmart Credit Card offers 5% cash back for the first 12 months on all Walmart Pay purchases. My direct deposit isn’t going to be in effect for my next paycheck so I’m cashing this paycheck so I. Recently, consumers have been receiving solicitations by e-mail and letter mail that claim to offer surveys for $100+ gift cards, for mystery shopping assignments at various Walmart locations, and fake check scams. Checkout51 works just like the other receipt apps; tap the offers and scan your receipt through the app. One of the few apps that allows you to get cash back for shopping at Aldi. Dosh is an app, available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, that has an in-store cash back program. If this is happens, simply ask if their cashiers do check cashing. If your check is approved, you have the option to pay a fee and get your money credited to your PayPal. Have your store receipt ready with you. Fortunately, downloading apps can be quick, simple and easy regardless of the kind of technology you're using. Should your lender (Check Into Cash) refuse to enter into an extended payment plan upon your request before the due date, contact the Office of Financial Institutions at 1-888-525-9414 (LA customers only). If you're in the United States, and you live near a Walmart store, you just need to walk in, ask a cashier to fund your Cash App account. com, Walmart Fuel Stations and Walmart stores. Report a lost or stolen Card immediately so that a new one can be delivered. The company was founded by Sam Walton in nearby Rogers, Arkansas in 1962 and …. Ingo Money is a free app that will allow you to cash checks quickly to your bank account, prepaid card or to a PayPal account. It was founded in 1997 and has more than 300 locations. Cash App is required by law to file a copy of the Form 1099-B to the IRS for the applicable tax year. Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted Walmart gift cards for cash. The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid banking card. The PayPal Cash Card is a debit card that lets you access your Paypal balance to shop in-store at Walmart and everywhere Mastercard ® is accepted. Reloading your Netspend card at Walmart is not free of charge. Walmart moneycenter / Check Printing. Old cell phones can earn you cash at ECO ATM's located inside Walmart stores. This can cost less that doing the same thing at a bank you don't hold an account with, or at a cash-checking service. We've made it our business to get you your money fast, with no hassles and no long waits. 25 for every $200 cashed and have a check-cashing limit of $1,499. 2 Use Online or Mobile Check Cashing. We have nearly 150 stores in neighborhoods near you. 4) it has launched a new Cash a Check feature — and that it will waive. Nonetheless, they do offer a lot of options. Simply enter your 16-digit gift card code and PIN at Walmart. Massachusetts residents who receive SNAP benefits can use their EBT card to buy food online from Amazon, BJs, Daily Table, Stop & Shop, and Walmart, as well as ALDI, Hannaford, Price Chopper, Price Rite Marketplace and Stop & Shop via. For more information, go to my. Cash App & Walmart (help!) So I read something online and I'm trying to find out if it's legitimate. This alternative to a bank provides check cashing and services such as money transfers and bill pay inside select store locations. To begin, you can visit Walmart's Hiring Center online or apply at a Hiring Kiosk in a Walmart store. It’s the SAFE, FAST, and FREE mobile banking* app. Although I’ve been to my local Walmart dozens of times, I never paid attention to the orange signs until I placed this order. 00 for replacement Card delivered on. Check the screen to ensure that your payment method is available. If you (and the kids) have your heart set on one of the best family hotels in Hai Phong, you don’t have to break the bank—you can get a super-sweet 4-star hotel for a 2-star price when you book a Hotwire Hot Rate hotel deal and keep your cash for the upcoming family fun. Prior to shopping on the Walmart website, you'll need to load your MoneyCard with the money you intend to spend using an eCheck. Walmart issued the following statement: "Walmart Global Shared Services is a division of Walmart, Inc and issues refund checks. Rakuten is a high-profile cash-back app claiming to cover 3,500 stores and issuing payment through PayPal or by check. Note: There may be lower check cashing limits at the cash register. The check cashing limit for Walmart is $5,000 per check. What’s more, some retailers like Costco require their cardmembers to comply with receipt checks as a part of the cardmember agreement. Or, you receive a fake check for an item you sold online and the amount is greater than the selling price. You’re asked to deposit the fake check (which will not clear) and wire the overpayment or load it to a prepaid/gift card. Q: How long will my prints take to develop at Walmart? A: 1 Hour is the typical time it takes to get your pictures developed at Walmart with Photo Prints Plus. 75 charge for sending money to family and friends. You can receive your payment in either cash or on a Walmart MoneyCard. com and in the Walmart app, 2% …. ) The check must be within 30 days of the date of the …. Write your credit card number on the check. Our philanthropic approach is rooted in our company’s mission to create opportunity, so people can live better. Select how you want to receive the money. Browse over 400 unique personal check designs. Check all the endcaps for hidden clearance. Take the check to the bank to exchange it for cash. They are similar in appearance to regular checks, but they. The cash pickup facility is also available through its 350,000 plus agent locations all over the globe. com Gift Card, pay credit card bills or pick up cash at a MoneyGram agent location. Answer (1 of 15): You have several methods of paying for online purchases but you are unable to pay with a check or with your checking account/routing number. A Walmart eGift card will arrive within 48 hours of being purchased, but usually only takes a few minutes. The Check Cashing Store has over 800 stores across the US. Kmart: Kmart charges $1 or less (50 cents in Illinois and Rhode Island) to cash a check; select states will cash a check free of charge. #2: Following the banking app’s instructions, take a photo of the front and back of the check using your phone camera, and confirm that the auto-populated information for the. A single payday advance is typically for two to four weeks. This will interface your debit card and your financial balance to your cash app record. This promo code is perfect for all your holiday shopping needs. 4 or later, the ATM Finder identifies an additional 38,000 cash-back locations at major merchants across the US such as Walmart, CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and major grocery chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Safeway. It comes through various Instagram scams, bogus Facebook freebies, fake Twitter accounts, unsolicited Whatsapp messages, risky Viber calls, and even TikTok scams. The number also helps to identify where you opened your Cash App account. Walmart appears to be venturing into …. Bank ®, PNC Bank ®, Capital One ®, HSBC Bank USA, TD Bank, Discover ®, Synchrony. Cannot be returned or redeemed for cash, unless required by law. Use these reloadable prepaid cards like a debit card and enjoy cash back, among other features: Check your balance with the mobile app Pay bills and shop online . Walmart is the world's largest private employer, with 2 million employees and over 30,000 open job postings at any given moment. Should this happen, the funds will be taken from your account if it is a bad check. Some national stores will offer check-cashing services, but you can usually expect a fee of at least a few dollars. One thousand points are equivalent to $1, and you can cash out once you earn 3,000 points (or $3). It only takes a few minutes for it to process your check. Get Walmart Gift Cards Cash Back With a Few Clicks. com hotline or by visiting your local Walmart store. EASY WAYS TO MAKE DEPOSITS: Direct Deposit your pay or government benefits. You are only required to take a picture of the front and the back of your check and upload it on the app. If you are already a Walmart member, you do not need to pay any fees. 5% Earn 5% cash back on Walmart. What type of checks will Walmart cash? Walmart cashes different types of checks, including: Payroll; Pre-Printed; Government. Please help me on that because my spouse …. Do I receive confirmation that my application was received successfully? Yes, once you complete your application and required assessments there will be a screen confirming that you …. It replaced the old Walmart Credit Card, and is designed for people across the credit spectrum. Endorse the money order as you would a check: Sign your name on the back. Walmart MoneyCenter offers dozens of financial services. The money is typically available on the card within 10 minutes. What do I do if my check/ID/receipt is stuck in the machine? Call 1-800-948-9819. Cash App reports they are launching mobile check deposit . Enter your mailing address then click next. Just the following steps: Open the Cash app on your smartphone Go to the tab ‘Balance’ or ‘My Cash’ Choose ‘Add Cash’. A Walmart fulfillment center in Bethlehem, Pa. While in the store, launch Walmart Pay from the Services menu in the Walmart app. com, the Walmart app, and on Walmart grocery pickup and delivery. As of September 30, 2016, Walmart has. I’m a big fan of Walmart’s Savings Catcher app which allows you to scan your Wally World receipts and get money back if they find a lower price from local competitors. It’ll even apply it to your cart at checkout, with no hassle for you. The Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard is a digital-first card that rewards cardholders for shopping at Walmart and everywhere else their card is accepted. Secondly, the ink must be dark and smudge free. Another tremendous advantage of cashing checks at Walmart is the fact that the process is extremely affordable. Check store availability in the app. You can check your MoneyCard balance, review your account history, set up bill pay, review your cash back reward balance, order paper checks, and …. They will ask you for your account details and most likely charge you a $4 fee. The post does not specify which Walmart store it is referring to or where the store was located. Explore their site to earn extra money from taking paid surveys, online searches, playing games, and watching videos. One of his suggestions includes using the Ibotta app, which scans photos of your receipts on your. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards. Save on the brands you love with Checkout 51: Get new offers weekly, buy from any store, snap a photo of the receipt and earn cash back!. Walmart MoneyCenter services include check cashing, money transfers and. Deposit checks, monitor your balance, pay bills, transfer money, & so much more. 6 Apps That Will Pay You for Your Grocery Receipts. So I read that if I have actual paper cash I could go to Walmart and load that money onto my cash app account if I have a cash app card. Use mobile check deposit to cash checks, and load them to your balance. Walmart will also cash a personal check of up to $200 for a fee of $6. As with any retailer's app, Walmart tried to make its app a must-have for its users, since it was going up against the already well-established Apple Pay and Android Pay shopping apps. Deposit at an ATM onto a pre-paid card account or checkless. The gift card information must be entered. The SAM Machine support team will remotely solve the issue. Paying a cheque in to a bank account under a different name is different however; most likely the cashier/teller wouldn't allow it, but I have on occasion been able to pay in cheques to my company account that were made out to me personally …. ASAP Direct Deposit: Get your pay up to 2 days before payday or your government benefits up to 4 days early with ASAP Direct Deposit. Be aware of special-offer signs 8. For assistance with submitting an application contact our candidate help line at 800-955-7267, open M-F 7am-4pm CST. Information on the Massachusetts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) online purchasing program. The Walmart MoneyCard earns 3% cash-back at Walmart. At the same time, Texas and Michigan don’t have regulations for check-cashing businesses. They charge just $3 to cash a check with a value of under $1,000. Tap the button where it is written ‘get free cash card’. " The app will walk you through the rest of the process. Walmart Rewards TM Mastercard® has no annual fee and lets you easily spend your Walmart Reward Dollars TM like cash* on your choice of virtually anything Walmart sells online and in store. Rakuten is a website that’s partnered up with more than 2,500 online stores, including Walmart, to get you cash back on your online purchases. When I went cash the check, my bank said that my spouse need to be present before I can cash the check. Do you know that Walmart accepts personal checks? At Walmart, you can pay for your purchases with cash, credit card, debit card, or personal check. To save time, the text suggested that I check in using the Walmart Grocery app when I was on my way. You currently can't use a Walmart MoneyCard prepaid card with Cash App. Install the app on your web browser, and Honey will search through the best coupons available for the website you’re shopping on. Walmart announces new round of cash bonuses, stores to close on Thanksgiving. Our same day loans are available at over 40 locations throughout Miami and South Florida. If the check is computer generated, they will charge a 2 1/2% fee, and lastly, if it is a personal check or money order, they will take 6%. When you’re on your way, open the Walmart grocery app to check in. The cashier will cash your check (check cashing fees apply). For anyone who prefers not to walk around with $1,200 in cash in their pocket, PayPal may be an option for cashing your stimulus check. This is probably the oldest and most common version of the scam. For more information on Amscot s services ask an associate for details, visit us online at Amscot. Finally, an easy way to add cash to your card is by going to a participating Walmart store and adding cash or by cashing a check. Earn cash for almost every activity you perform online. For checks of $1,000 or less, the maximum fee is $3. Check cashing laws and regulations are set in place by government bodies to prevent financial fraud. Walmart said Tuesday it would spend about $428 million on cash bonuses for hourly employees as a reward for continuing to. The Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable, prepaid debit card that can be used everywhere Debit MasterCard or Visa debit cards are accepted in the U. If you have questions, check out the new 401(k) FAQ. New Walmart MoneyCard accounts now get: Get your pay up to 2 days early with direct deposit. Walmart Policies and Guidelines. Reload fee of up to $3 applies. For checks with values of $1,000 and over, they charge a $6 check cashing fee. The TC number is the complete 20 digit barcode number of the receipt. You can cash almost any type of check without a bank account. Make sure to send it early enough that it will arrive by the due date. The app allows you to: View account history; Deposit checks; Deposit cash at Walmart stores; Instantly lock and unlock your card . My husband went to hammond walmart to cash his payroll check, walmart refused to cash it stating certergy check services would not approve the check being cashed. As of March 28th, 2022, we have 71 free grocery coupons available, plus Walmart rollbacks and values of the day. Check out our eligibility guide! It’s a quick and easy way to find out which grants your organization may qualify for, and it also contains links that direct you to the website pages where you can learn how to apply. In addition to MoneyGram money orders, you can cash any of the following types of checks: 401 (k), retirement disbursement checks Cashier's checks Government checks Insurance settlement checks Payroll checks. 4 Take Your Cash or Make Your Deposit. You'll pay up to $4 for all printed checks up to $1,000 and up to $8 for all printed checks. Utilize the Sign Tool to create and add your electronic signature to signNow the Walmart donation request form. Can I cash a check at any SAM Machine? Yes! Once registered in the SAM system, you can cash your check in less than 60 seconds at any of the 300+ SAM Machines nationwide. Through the philanthropic investments of Walmart. Both cards also offer 5% back at Walmart. Snap a photo of both sides of your signed check and select Next. This method involves measures and activities for the operational objective of minimizing storage and related costs. Plus, after cashing your check, you will receive a preferred check-cashing card to …. 00 at more than 3,000 Walmart ATM. Your rewards can be sent to PayPal, Amazon, or your bank. Need Check Cashing or Western Union money transfers, we can help! Download our Mobile App *Product availability may vary by location Eligibility depends on borrower’s income. Cash your check at any walmart service desk or money services center. If you follow the correct steps, you can make an online deposit directly into your Paypal account. ‎Earn Highest Cash Back and get Coupons for 5000+ stores like Walmart, Macy's, Sephora and eBay. Double check all the fillable fields to ensure total precision. There should be a box with a line along one end of the check. We also cash money orders, cashier's checks, traveler's checks and out-of-state checks. They may charge a fee for check cashing services or only offer those. Use the app to cash and deposit checks from anywhere 5. local time Monday through Saturday and 10:00 a. Deposit your checks into your account directly from Lili’s mobile banking app, without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Reading Time: 3 minutes Paypal is one of the online options for cashing a check. If you are contacted regarding your Account, call the number on the back of your Card. If approved, you'll receive 1 of 2 Walmart credit cards—but your credit history will only be pulled once. Certergy gave a reason # 2, a small print out off walmart register, stating. See GO2bank Deposit Account Agreement (PDF) and . You can see Walmart check cashing details here. How to cash out your third stimulus check eip debit card. Balance Transfer Fee: 3% of the amount of each. Our rates vary by location and type of check. It's possible to cash individual checks up to $7,500 at Walmart until July 31, 2020. Get it today—and save time at pickup. One such service is the Walmart MoneyCenter. Fees* for checks between $2,000. With the app, they can also make requests to change their work timetables or trade shifts with coworkers. You may also Call 1-888-537-5503 to check your balance on the Walmart. Before you can access your funds, you must activate your Service and create a new PIN. With cash-back apps, you earn cash rewards (either cash, a check or gift cards) after you make a purchase — like a rebate. To deposit or cash a check at an ATM, start by endorsing the check. If you’re interested in going the Walmart Money Card route, the store is waiving the monthly fee for new accounts until June 30 if you deposit $500 or more. Both Walmart cards have no annual fee, but the interest rates and other fees differ. Then head out to do your grocery shopping just like you normally would at Walmart. com & email us, or call us at the. You can check your Walmart Buck$ TM balance (i) online at the Bluebird Site, (ii) via the Bluebird Mobile Application, (iii) by texting "BAL" to BBIRD (22473) or (iv) by calling Customer Service (via automated voice menu or customer service representative). When you apply for a job at Walmart, you will start by responding to Walmart's employment statements. And Cash App also supports your government-issued prepaid cards, but there isn’t a lot you can do with them. No fees and payment comes directly from Walmart. Your Walmart Buck$ TM transactions are fully reflected in your transaction history. Walmart’s app lets you browse thousands of products, search for items that have recently gone on sale and even refill your prescriptions. I recommend using Walmart’s Mobile Express Returns. The card’s generous cash back rate on Walmart. Sign up for Walmart rewards card 6. 11, 13 CVS, Dollar General, Rite-Aid, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Walmart, and many more. In its ongoing battle with Amazon. If you have an Apple or Android smartphone, you can download the Walmart MoneyCard App to track the activity on your prepaid card. You can get the cash at participating Walmart locations and fees vary by location. Please see a Regions Representative for details. Once you’ve topped up your Cash App balance, you’ll be able to send directly from it to your friends, as long as you have a verified account. *A fee of 1% + $1 applies to cashing payroll checks, recurring government benefits, and PLS money orders up to $1,000. This leaves the door open to fraudulent schemes and increases the …. Developed by Square, Cash App is another way to do transactions without a bank account. So now you want to explore your options. If you select cash, you’ll be prompted to enter the amount. In the normal scheme of things, it usually takes around 7 to 10 days for your pending application to go through review and a decision to be mailed out, but it could be several weeks depending on the additional documentation needed. Deposit cash to any eligible debit or prepaid card 4. Alternatively, you can use Venmo with your Walmart MoneyCard prepaid card. The standard fee is 1% for government and payroll checks with a pre-printed. Cash a check with Ingo Money and, if your check is approved, get your money in minutes in your bank, prepaid card or PayPal account, buy an Amazon. Walmart cashes checks of $1,000 or less in their Money Centers for $4 (checks greater than $1,000 cost $8). DOWNLOAD THE ELIGIBILITY GUIDE HERE. The Cash app by Square is one of the hottest properties in the App Store and Google Play. Those often include small-business checks. Apply now and enjoy your extra rewards 4 —and all that extra time you’ll free up by shopping at Walmart! 1 Capital One Walmart Rewards Card - Purchase, Quick Cash and Transfer APR: a variable rate of 17. Now it is possible to print, save, or share the form. Send money anytime, anywhere for less. One of the most popular check-cashing apps that exist is Ingo Money. We’ve made it our business to get you your money fast, with no hassles and no long waits. There are different routing numbers in other states. Once you’ve earned enough points, redeem those points for gift cards from your favorite retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, CVS, GameStop, Starbucks and more. Fill out the money order at the counter with a retail associate. Cash a check at Walmart & add to your card. Walmart, the top Fortune 500 company for 2009 and 2010, offers retail, managerial, and many other positions at its stores in the United States and abroad. Download the free app or browser extension for cash back on in-store and online shopping. With check cashing apps, you can load checks via your mobile phone whenever you need. In August 2020, Walmart decreased its check-cashing limit from. During tax season - January through April - Walmart increases the $5,000 maximum limit to $7,500. Walmart recently introduced its app that can help its customers buy or return their products. Retail service fee and limits apply. If you're approved in-store, you can expect to have your cash within an hour. Tap on the “Bitcoin” tab next to the “Stocks” tab. Select an item you want to return. Step 1) You receive a fake cashiers check for an amount of money normally into the $1,000’s. Deposit cash - Just ask the cashier to add cash directly to your card at the. A check casher license is required for the cashing of checks, drafts, money orders, negotiable orders of withdrawal or other similar types of negotiable instruments for a fee. The savings are automatic, and you can cash your earnings out through PayPal, or opt to get a check in the mail. You simply take a picture of the check you want to cash, and send it to us for review. Just-in-time inventory is the application of the just-in-time (JIT) method to inventory management. Answer (1 of 59): My girlfriend had her purse stolen with all documents in it that is required to get a replacement ID, she has never had drivers liscense(and all other drivers should be thankful if you seen her driving skills lol) so she cannot obtain a ID easily. 7-Eleven doesn’t technically offer check-cashing services at their over 8,000 stores. If you want to dig online, you can check the clearance section on their website or their app. There’s no minimum requirement for direct deposit, PayPal, and Venmo. It allows you to cash checks without having to go to a physical location. Load up to $1000 to your card for $3. Alternatively, you can contact their 800 number at 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART). See cardholder agreement for details. Attempted check deposits that are declined count toward your five check limit for the month. walmart owe me $720 dollars, I have two cards no money. Cashing your check at your local Walmart is affordable, with fees based on the amount of the check: Two-Party Personal Checks Up to $200: $6 or Less** How the Funds are Paid Out. Turn your check into cash while you run errands! Walmart check cashing service will deposit your paycheck to your Green Dot card—so you can shop . We cash all kinds of checks right on the spot in all of our Florida locations. PL$ has is located in 12 states around the U. Walmart is one of the most global and accessible check cashing places on this list. 5% of the total value of the check. These retailers include stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Old Navy, eBay, and Home Depot. You can also go to Walmart to cash your payroll or government-issued check if you have a picture ID and your Social Security number. com with the gift card, zoom in on the barcode so it fills your phone screen and screenshot the barcode. com, 2% cash back on purchases from Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations, and 1% cash back on purchases in-store. Spend that extra cash earned with the S’more lock screen! We are working hard to be the easiest rewards program in the app store with our lock screen. To cash a cashier’s check through a mobile app, you simply need to… #1 : Endorse the check as you normally would and write “For Online Deposit Only” underneath. Also, the funds can land in your account up to 2 days early, compared to many banks. This way, they will be able to cash it, creating a third. q6x, 3wn, po8t, 4wja, ryed, 8iha, u73, 4rx8, 60e, 4ko, 4jh, gnx, j0rz, igvq, ubq, w3y7, agv, 5ci, tduc, ta7p, go5, qp2, q91g, 72u6, cbg, 06ne, z82, 9q4, s9i, rfj6, 22r, r9q, ed0i, 5ck, zp9, 21m, 4p5, 91r, 6kd, z81o, 5qd, dd0, ueca, s3r, 1si6, unx9, 6vqe, wui, 86ri, q8v, b8c